Bound with Rope & Love

a slave's view on her life with Master

Thursday, December 30, 2010

HNT - Favorite

This is a favorite because i love the pattern left from the rope that carefully, lovingly and tightly bound me for a short time.  Every time i look at this picture, i am reminded of the feeling (both physical and emotional).

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Last Hurrah

This girl has not been blogging -- or even keeping up with blogs she's enjoyed -- for far too long.

But that's how life is, isn't it? Bogged down in the day-to day.

As 2010 weaves its way into 2011, like so many others, i am in a reflective mood. Many things have happened this year. I began my "dream job" and all of its challenges, am working on a graduate degree, and in many ways this has been the best year i've had in a decade. This girl, however, is never satisfied.

As i type this entry, snuggled into our bed and naked as usual, i am warm from the blankets and comforter and not Master. I can feel the tingle of the dilator not His touch.

What do i hope the new year brings? Challenges most certainly lie ahead. How to balance work, coursework, and slave-hood. Can that be balanced?

I hope the new year brings more opportunities to grow and explore.

Not one for the new year's resolution deal, i am going to make a committed effort to keeping up with this blog, wearing the dilator, and taking care of myself. These are tasks Master has given me.  Tasks His girl has been less than consistent with and wishes to improve in the coming months.

Of course, i hope the new year brings lots and lots of sex.  We have some new toys to play with, and i can't hardly wait.  I am missing the good old four-times-a day encounters (that's over 1,000 times a year!) and lengthy scenes.  Somehow we need to find time for this--it is too important to let go.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

This picture is reminiscent of a favorite movie -- "It's a major award!"

Well, perhaps not but it's a leg Master loves (and if you look carefully, you'll see His girl getting ready for the new year).

Monday, September 27, 2010


This slave has discovered she would be perfectly happy, perfectly content, perfectly satisfied to be a full-time stay-at home slave. She enjoys getting out and the challenge of her work, but in her heart, she would like nothing better than to be 100 percent, 365/24/7 devoted and serving only her Master. For despite enjoying her job, serving Master is what she likes best.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Celebration of the 5th Anniversary of HNT

It was easy for me to find my first HNT picture, since i'm pretty new at this. It's personally one of my favorites with fond memories of waiting for Master to come home and  have His way with His little slave girl.

I'm looking forward to strolling down other HNTers memory lanes.  Obasso's Memory Lane


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tired HNT

 It's been a long week, and i'm tired.  Seasonal allergies, lack of sleep, too many orgasms, or maybe a combination of all of these. All i want to do is stretch out and sleep.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tied Up -- Happy HNT

There's something comforting for me about being bound by Master.  When He winds the rope around me, i feel quiet.  Thoughts slip away, the busy self-chatter silences, and i just am.  Master tried something different today; He bound me before we went to sleep.  As i lay next to Him, under His arm or leg at times, rolling over feeling the rope gently press into my flesh, feeling His weight against me, i felt secure.  Cocoon-like. Wrapped in His love and care.  After He unbound me, the lovely impressions were left upon my skin.  Reminders of His ownership and of His love.  I have been floating in a lovely space all day.  The marks are gone, but the feeling remains.  I am bound to Him with rope and love.  (**PS, to see what transpired after the rope came off, take a peak at Master's HNT page. Look closely for some faint rope lines.)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day HNT

In honor of Earth Day, a little something green.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Gettin' Hot Out Here -- Happy HNT!

Spring is definitely here, and i got a bit warm working out in the garden. Thought i'd show off one of my "lingerie" favorites -- it lifts and separates and is custom made.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Master discovered today that i am one of those who can achieve orgasm through "impact play."  I never would have thought this would be so.  I have watched another couple who were playing before and found it scary and disconcerting.  Funny thing is that i have cum numerous times from this sort of action -- even when there was not "clitoral stimulation," but the connection was just made today.  Maybe it's one reason i love the thump of the flogger or the stroke of the cane.

Who would have thought it!  I certainly wouldn't have. I am still processing the "whys" and that it's okay. But i am glad to be open-minded and to be owned by such an amazing Man.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I've been thinking about love and its many expressions.
"And... it's a great thing to get what you want. It's a really good thing unless what you thought you wanted wasn't really what you wanted... because what you really wanted you couldn't imagine or you didn't think it was possible but what if someone came along who knew exactly what you wanted without asking they just knew... like they could hear your heart beating or listen to your thoughts and what if they were sure of themselves and they didn't have to take a poll and they loved you... but you hesitated and I... uh... I have to go... I'm sorry but... I have to go!" ~ Kate in "Leopold & Kate"

"Sonny, true love is the greatest thing, in the world-except for a nice MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe...they're so perky, I love that." ~Miracle Max in "The Princess Bride"

"Beatrice: You have stayed me in a happy hour, I was about to protest I loved you.
: And do it, with all thy heart.
: I love you with so much of my heart, that none is left to protest." ~ from "Much Ado About Nothing"


Today started off all right.  Master and i had about 45 minutes of "alone time" before He had to leave for work. The first half of that was great.  A lovely morning "quickie." And then, in my view, it went downhill.

It could have gotten ugly.  With anyone else, it would have turned into one heck of an argument.  Like most disruptions in the daily life of a couple, there wasn't anything huge.  One comment upon leaving the bedroom and a comparison to something the "ex" used to do would have had me slinging back a comparable comment with anyone else.  Then another complaint and another.  True, i had completely forgotten to finish up laundry last night; i told Him to give me His jacket to have ready for today, and i forgot so it wasn't ready.  But in my mind, i was thinking, "How often does this happen?  Never!"  Internally, i was having the conversation about how He hasn't been noticing any of the good things i've been doing, only complaining, mentally comparing some of His actions with "the ex," and complaining myself.  Simultaneously,  i knew that He was grumpy, that He has a lot on His mind and didn't want to come downstairs to no jacket (well, no dry jacket), morning kid damage, and all the work stuff that's been bugging Him.  I know that when i am frustrated by outside things or am tired, every little thing becomes a huge annoyance.  So, being the dutiful slave, and the woman who has learned from experience, i kept my mouth shut.

We had a subdued "goodbye."  It's sad to say, but i was looking forward to His leaving for work.  I honestly don't know if He realizes how grumpy He sounded and that the negatives have outweighed the positive comments lately.  It's about a 10:1 ratio, if i remember correctly -- it takes 10 positives to overcome one negative.

However, my arguing back, trying to point out where i was right or how He misinterpreted things or defending what happened would have done neither of us any good. It's not about being right or wrong. Just because He is my Owner doesn't make Him automatically right.  Just because i am His property doesn't make me incompetent or automatically wrong.  Yes, He was grumpy.  In 3 out of 5 things He has a legitimate right to be upset.  Yes, my feelings got hurt.  In 2 out of 5 things He did not have a legitimate complaint.  But grumpiness and thin skin can make for a volatile situation.

I am not His doormat. He may not have known how upset and hurt i felt, but He did have an idea. I know that we will talk about it later.  Once emotions have settled if there is a need to discuss, we will.  One aspect of a D/s relationship that i appreciate is "discipline."  When i make a mistake, i get disciplined.  "Discipline" doesn't necessarily mean a spanking; although it's far different to receive a spanking as discipline than in play.  It hurts far more than in play, but there is something about being swatted and then able to move on and not hang on to a wrongdoing.  Discipline works for us. Whether or not i am disciplined for not following through on a promise i made (the jacket) is up to Him. Another aspect is honesty.  I will have the opportunity to honestly tell Him how i was feeling and how i perceived His behavior.  I have been processing how and why i felt the way i did this morning.  I have to be honest with myself before i can be honest with Master.  It can take me a long time to process, and He has learned to be patient.

We are not an island.  For good or ill, our relationship is comprised of our experiences with others ("the exes," family, etc.).  Our perceptions are colored by past experiences.  Perhaps He really wasn't chiding me as much as i was feeling.  However, having spent far too long in an emotionally abusive relationship, i am extremely sensitive to criticism.  He knows this.  Having spent time in a relationship with a "it doesn't matter/he'll buy another one" attitude  has created His heightened alertness to disrespect.  I know this.

Shortly after arriving at work, Master sent me a text reminding me that He loves me and cares about me.  A molehill that could have become Everest remained a molehill.  What is important is our relationship amidst life.  "Happily ever after" takes one helluva lotta work.  But it's worth it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rainy Day HNT

April Showers.  Just another Northwest spring day with lots of liquid sunshine.
Good thing i have my umbrella and rain boots!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Master!

Master's birthday was last month, and i wasn't sure what to give Him.  He pretty much has everything He needs and He isn't a "I want that" kind of man. There are several toys, though, that i know He'd like to add to our adult toy box.  Being a thrifty slave, i didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices in specialty shops or online.  We have many toys, i have a fair amount of lingerie, but there are some missing items.  We have also talked about some role playing scenes.  In the past, we have had great fun with the classic "intruder," "school girl," etc., role plays.  After research and much thought, i came up with "Fantasy Island." Six role play themes packaged separately.  After checking the toy box and my lingerie drawers, i wrote down the needed items, looked online for who had the best prices/coupons, and then made my shopping list: fabric/craft store, two mall stores (the "novelty," "goth," etc. stores),  two adult stores (20% off coupon!), and the dollar store.

I stuck to my list and refrained from getting a few items i would really, really liked to have had (like an incredibly gorgeous corset, on sale, too!).

Once home with supplies and armed with hot glue gun, tape measure and scissors, i went to work.  Probably the best part was my sorting through the toy box while Master was reading in bed.  He was completely oblivious to my actions.  Yes, the toy box was messy, and He knew i was going to straighten it out, and i did -- but as i was pulling out items (the chain leash, rope, etc.) to be included in the fantasy box.  He even looked over at me and talked to me without noticing.

Master enjoyed opening His gift -- a huge box with smaller boxes and gift bags inside.  He enjoyed the bunny outfit and the captive woman in the closet.  We have other adventures to look forward to throughout the coming months.

Bunny Costume: bunny ears;  marabou boa; bunny cottontail made from white faux fur with marabou hot glued on to make it fuzzy and self-adhesive looped side velcro adhered to the back and able to attach to a butt plug with the fuzzy part of the velcro adhered to the end (supplies from fabric/craft store, not shown -- white lace choker); white knee-high tights and white lace fingerless gloves (from Hot Topic).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy HNT from a Happy Bunny

It's spring break here, and i thought it would be fun to give Master a little surprise.  Here's me in my bunny costume -- well, most of it.
Happy HNT! Don't forget to visit Half-Nekkid Thursday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Words.  Powerful.  Permanent.  Once spoken, they linger. Once written, they survive past our lifetime.  The words used between two lovers, between partners, between superior/subservient, can bring joy or leave marks deeper than any physical gash.
One of the differences being in a Dominant/submissive (Master/slave) relationship rather than another type of couples relationship is how i use my words.

The word "no" or any of its cousins does not exist in my vocabulary with Master.  They were eliminated the day He put the collar around my neck, the day He claimed me as His property.  In reality, there is no need for me to use the word "no."  Sometimes, i may want to linger instead of getting up to perform a task or chore, and sometimes, according to Master, i get the look of "Do i really have to do this?"  I don't even consider needing this word; He will never have me do anything that would cause me to truly say, "No."  If we are in a scene and i am physically or emotionally beyond my limit, i have a "safe word" to use.  However, like many of the slaves/subs with whom i am familiar, this word has been used only on the rarest occasion.  Prior to Master, i would say, "no" just because i didn't want do to something or was in a contrary mood.  I did not always strive to speak respectfully, and i put myself first selfishly.  (Sometimes, it is important for me to put myself first to take care of myself because i'm caring for Master's property.)

With Master, the phrases and sentences i use in daily life are peppered with "please" and "thank you" and "may i."  I have caught myself rephrasing a text i am sending to Master -- instead of "Will You..." i have changed it to "It would please Your slave..."  Instead of telling Him what i want, i might say, "Would it please You if Your slave ...?"  By using these words, i have found myself changing the way that i think.  Placing Master as the Subject in a sentence and referring to myself in a passive voice, emphasizes our D/s relationship.  Even without my collar, without the flogger, the rope, the whip or nipple clamps, He is the Dominant and i am His submissive.

In turn, Master is careful with the words He chooses.  Being my Owner and being a Dominant does not preclude Him from polite speech.  Not everything is a direct command; He, too, uses "thank you" and "would you" with me.  By addressing me with the respect due to His property, He fosters a desire for me to do better.  By a gentle reprimand in a quiet voice, i strive to remember and correct myself.

I have enough life experiences to understand the effect words can have on a relationship.  Continually using words of respect and gratitude cultivates a mind and heart that respects and is grateful for a strong, loving and kind Master.  It becomes a beautiful cycle that increases my love and deepens my submission.

Another Use -- Happy HNT!

Yesterday while working from home, Master discovered yet another use for His slave's boobs.  The only disadvantage was that the left one kept pressing the "delete" key.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blow Job

I just finished reading Barefoot Dreamer's post on the art of giving a blow job. Barefoot Dreamer put it beautifully.  It's about listening and wanting.  Check out her post.

I love giving blow jobs; i've always enjoyed it.  When Master and i first became seriously involved, i promised Him that i would give Him a blow job every day we were together.  I don't know if He believed me at the time, but i was serious.

I love the feeling of Master's cock in my mouth.  I love the softness when He is flaccid.  I love the feeling of Him growing and expanding, semi-rigid.  I love the feeling of His rock hard filling my mouth and throat.  Although i gave my fair share of blowjobs before, i didn't really deep throat.  What was i missing!  I thought that gagging and getting watery-eyed and runny-nosed was embarrassing.  Not to mention drooling.  Now, i just lay a hand towel down on the bed and don't worry about it.  I love the feeling of Him pushing back against my throat, sliding down.

Master loves to face fuck me, too.  Grabbing my hair as He thrusts back and forth.  Very messy and very hot for me.  Most longer blow jobs have the face fuck component to them. (Sometimes i just suck Him before sex or get a little one in here and there.  Yes, i am His cock slut.)

Last week, He lay back and let me do my thing.  I put my blindfold on Him, dulled his hearing with His ear muff things (they look like big headphones He puts on when using noisy tools).  I dug around in the toy box, pulling out a flogger, a leather/wool paddle, a feather, a silk robe tie, my big vibrator, small purple vibrator, some lube that gets hot when you blow on it, and ran into the kitchen for some ice.  As i was preparing all of this, He just lay quietly on His back.  Quiet and patient. I put on a brocade corset, garter and stockings, my thick collar and cuffs, and high heeled shoes.  Everything ready, i removed Master's blindfold so He could get a look at His little slave girl before she went to work.  He smiled at me approvingly, and with a kiss, i put the blindfold back on Him.  I picked up the silk tie and led it down the length of His body, letting Him process what it was i was doing before moving on to another toy.

It was wonderful, tracing His body with the flogger, letting the soft leather drag across His chest, over His arms, caressing His face.  Trailing it down His chest and stomach, barely touching His cock, brushing His balls and down across His legs.  Following it with the soft wool of the paddle in the opposite direction and then turning the paddle so the leather stitching scraped across His skin and His tender parts.  Tickling Him with the feathers, using them to kiss His neck, forehead and lips.  And then the vibrators.  Massaging and stimulating.  All the while judging from the slight movements in His body, the way His cock moved, the sounds escaping His lips, and letting Him guide me in my choice of implements and movements according to what pleased Him.  After a while, i squirted the lube onto my hand and for the first time touched His cock, stroking and rubbing it while licking His balls and taking them into my mouth. Brushing my breasts across Him, straddling His leg so He could feel how hot i was.  Finally, i licked the base up the shaft to His head.  I sucked on Him, deep, slow, now fast and on the frenulum.  Deep, deeper, pushing Him down my throat.  I reached between my thighs, wetting my finger with the pussy juice that was now flowing, and touched it to His lips so He could feel how wet i was.  He took my finger into His mouth, sucking off the juice.

As i could feel Him getting more excited, on the verge of orgasm, i slowed down and varied what i was doing.  Building up the tension, slowing down, exploring other regions of His body and then increasing His arousal to near peak.  As i took Him down my throat, i could feel Him thrusting up, nearly at the point of cumming.  I sat back and quietly wrapped the silken tie around my wrists, binding them in front of me.  I slid the coverings off His ears and eyes and knelt before Him on the bed, waiting for Him to do whatever He wished.

What He wished was to fuck His slave girl hard, pulling out and cumming in my mouth as i held out my tongue to receive the stream.  He fucked me some more, giving me permission both to cum and to swallow His fluid and then He pulled out and came in my mouth again.  Pushing His cock back inside His slave girl's very wet pussy, He told me to come as He came again inside the pussy He owns.  As He lay on top of me, i moved the toys out of the way and slid His pillow down.  He rolled off a moment or two later, and we lay in each other's arms, spent, drifting off for a short nap.  And then we went to the kitchen for a bite to eat.

Touching my cheek, He laughed, "You have some spooge on the side of your mouth."

It's been three whole days since i've been able to give Him a blowjob.  He'll be back tomorrow, and as soon as He has settled back in, i'm going to have the pleasure and privilege of the subtle art of a blowjob.  Unless He wants to just shove His cock down my throat.  And that is more than okay with me.

(You can read Barefoot Dreamer's post at

Friday, March 19, 2010


Master has given me the job to work on these blogs. While i am not technologically stupid and have another blog, this is giving me quite the challenge! Unfortunately, i am spending more time trying to figure out how to get these two blogs working than creating content.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Post-St. Paddy's Day HNT!

Hope you had as good a day as we did.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reflecting on Steak & a Blowjob Day, March 14

A poem i texted to Master several months ago when we were apart.  I am posting this in honor of Steak & a Blowjob Day, March 14.  (Although for my Master, every day is a blowjob day.)

We'll look back, and i'll say, "that sucked"
and You'll say "Yeah, it suck me"
and i'll grab hold of
my walker
and kneel down
in front of You in your recliner
with my no longer creaky hips
because they're titanium
pop out my false teeth
and give You a nice, smooth blow job.
And You can say,
"You are my old lady."


New Rule: "You may give yourself pleasure when I'm out of town. You need to send me a picture."

This weekend has been a good weekend. Master left for an out of town trip early Saturday morning. We spent a good evening together, not really doing anything but catching up on a couple of recorded shows. Just being close to Him felt good. I know that for us, sex is an important component to our relationship. It isn't just about "getting off," but it continually brings us closer together. It's a renewal of commitment. In my HNT post, i jokingly referred to "boring same old being tied up and gagged" sex. Routine can become boring, i think. Sometimes it's good to switch things around even though the emotional connection that occurs for me when we are intimate never is boring. We do tend to have a routine for the daily sex. Well, around here we have sex multiple times during a day because we both have very high sex drives and it's, well, important. Maybe it's a quick fondle here or there, or my kneeling and worshipping His cock for a moment or two. But we do have a routine: before bed and before getting up and usually something slipped in between then. Usually it starts with my sucking on Him and progresses to a standard repertoire of positions and actions. No complaints; that's what we enjoy, which is why it's like this.

Perhaps what made things better Friday night was that we had an off Thursday night and Friday morning. Master didn't have to work Thursday, and we had the entire morning to ourselves. After quite a bit of fun having me frolic around as His little puppy, i headed to bed with unmentioned expectations Thursday night. Sex fizzled into rolling over and going to sleep (next to Him). I think the cause was a lack of communication. Master tried something He doesn't often do, something which i have very much enjoyed in the past but haven't known how to process in the context of our M/s relationship. I was feeling selfish and worrying that He was not really getting pleasure from it. That in turn led to a decreased response on my part and His frustration by it. I had to process in my little brain why i was having such a reaction. After a discussion and sleep and a day without any sexual play, my mind and body came to an agreement.

Master is always dominant, the Top, in our sexual lives. It doesn't matter what He does or what He asks me to do, He is the top. When i am riding Him, He is still dominant. When He is focusing on pleasuring this body, He is still "topping." When He asks me to choose what to do, He is still in charge. Master enjoys a slave who is a thinking slave, one who learns His preferences and can act without His having to command her all the time. He continually tells me what a strong woman i am. Remembering all of this, i decided to offer up some suggestions Friday night. And so while He was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, i was in the bedroom putting on my cuffs and attaching my ankles to the spreader bar. I also chose a butt plug from the toy box and the leather paddle. We didn't end up having super kinky sex, we didn't have a fuck fest, but we got back in sync.

He didn't leave me a list of things to do while He's gone. He entrusts the care of our home to me. I have been a busy little beaver getting to several projects that just kept being pushed back. I have been indulging the "service slave" part of me. This is part of my submission to Him. He is perfectly capable of taking care of Himself, but He allows me to serve and give to Him. My skills, talents, mind, and opinions are highly valued by Master. However, He is still the Dominant. There will always be rough spots and bad days, but with work they can bring us closer and strengthen our relationship and ourselves.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HNT -- Playing Ball

After a week of  being in a rut of the same kind of sex, we had a little different kind of play this afternoon.  I wanted to get a picture of "puppy" playing fetch with Master, but we didn't get around to it.  Instead, here's a picture of me with a different kind of playing ball taken a few days ago. Same old boring tie me up and gag me sex we've been having lately.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Master is out of town tonight.  He texted me instructions, though:

 "Blog and internet stuff. I want a video of you playing with yourself with big vibe and fucking yourself with the purple vibe while you watch a video of the 2 of us fucking, whipping and cumming."

A while ago i read an interesting blog about the definition of porn (from, "Slave Musings).  Prior to my relationship with Master, i felt very shy about viewing porn let alone filming explicit scenes involving me.  Master, however, has brought out His slave's voyeuristic side.  (Along with the cock whore He says has been inside all along, but that is another entry.)  A few weeks ago, He subscribed to a website because i found it intriguing.  We have watched and participated via chat in a few live events.  This afternoon, as i was cleaning the bedroom, i watched a live feed of a "House slave" cleaning the guest room as members of the site chatted and asked questions. As i read the blog entries from other submissive/slaves, i feel that sense of voyeurism as well as a connection.  Sometimes i see images or read of situations that resonate with me.  I find them intriguing as well as learning experiences.  Most often i do not find it titillating.

What arouses me most, however, is to watch my own Master interact with His personal property -- me.  Viewing a scene gives me a completely different perspective.  Sometimes it is quite surprising to see Him using the flogger or cane on my backside.  When in the moment, i am often in another space ("subspace"); to hear the cracking sounds, to see the marks appearing, to see His body and to watch how i react is sometimes astonishing to me.

Intellectually, i am interested to later watch along with Master me watching me interact with Master.  Since He is usually in control of the whole video aspect, it should be interesting to see how i can manage the technical parts as well.  I must admit, too, that the whole idea of filming myself makes me feel shy.  I have a suspicion that this is one reason Master has given me these instructions.  It's not only for His late-night-away-from-His-slave's viewing pleasure (did i mention i need to take a short video clip while i'm filming so i can send it to Him tonight?).  It's to challenge me.

His instructions usually are.

So now it's "lights, camera" ... click "publish post." Action!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fantasy: Blossoms and Ballgag, An Original Erotic Short Story

Sunlight streamed through the slats in the blinds. The breeze fluttered through the branches of the budding cherry tree, sending a small pink shower of blossoms to the still damp grass.

She, however, saw none of this. Noticed none of the signs of an early spring. She felt only the cords tightening around her wrists, securely binding them together. Was only aware of the softness of the flannel against her bare skin and the familiarity of her leather cuffs as her legs strained against the rope that kept her tied to the bedposts. She wrinkled her nose against the blindfold to relieve the tingly itch she could not scratch, out of habit licking the divot in the smooth ball that gagged her mouth. She felt the bed move slightly, anticipation increasing her pulse. Before she felt the warmth of His flesh, she caught His scent. She raised her head toward Him, breathing deeply. The leather softly scraped her cheek as He removed the gag.  Extending her tongue she felt Him.  Finally.  Took Him into her mouth. He was nearly flaccid, allowing her to feel the delightful softness, the pliable member as she kneaded and caressed Him with her tongue and lips. As she drew Him into her mouth, she felt Him enlarge, expanding against her throat, pushing against the insides of her cheeks. She held Him there, letting Him grow, letting Him fill her, using her tongue to caress the sensitive skin below the head. Savoring Him. Salivating with desire, mouth too full to swallow, saliva dripped down of the side of her mouth, down her cheek to the sheets. Gently, firmly, forcefully, He held her head in between His hands, thrusting slowly in and out of her mouth, pushing further down her throat. The "magic wand" between her bound hands buzzed between her legs, and she realized she was moving her hips to His rhythmic thrusting. And then He was gone. Her mouth was empty. She heard His stroking, the wetness from her mouth providing Him lubricant and her sound. Faster and faster; she recognized the pace. The bed shook with His movements. The wand vibrated, slipping in the moisture that always gushed forth when she was allowed to suck Him.   He pushed Himself between her lips, and she opened her throat to receive His entire girth and length.  Opened to receive His thrusts.  Then, once more, her mouth was empty. She kept it open, waiting. Anticipating.  A drop fell onto her tongue. She heard His breathing, more intense, felt His hand gripping her breast, the other guiding Himself between her waiting lips. He filled her mouth, shuddering in fulfillment.  Her body trembling, she held her mouth open, cupping His fluid with her tongue.  Showing Him the creamy liquid.  She felt His body lower next to hers, His breath against her ear as He whispered those words that would push her over the edge as she maneuvered the wand. She climaxed, swallowing every drop. Permission granted, she climaxed again, her mouth and throat still tingling from His presence.

The soft cords loosed, the wand turned off and removed, He slowly pulled the blindfold from her eyes.  She blinked and squinted in the sunlight, smiling in contentment.

But even now the spring-like afternoon remained unnoticed, for she closed her eyes as He pulled her close to Him and they drifted into sleep.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week was spent having sex. Except for Master's going to work, almost all we did was have sex, sleep and eat. So much that we lost track of how many times.

Looking at the clock, which read 1:30 p.m., i asked, "Master, is this the fourth or fifth time today?"

"Fourth, slave girl. No, wait, I forgot about the 3:00 a.m."

For us, regular sex is, well, regular. Once or twice or three times a day is not uncommon. But last week, Master wore His slave girl out.
 Cleaning Master - Finishing the way we started

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


I have been having difficulties with this blog. Grrr....

Friday, February 12, 2010


"You are mine to care for and to protect. I will take you and keep you safe and use you in any way I see fit or fit in. I will bind you to me with love and rope . . . ."
~ Master's promise that He keeps every day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


If it weren't so late,
I'd write a poem
About how You
Stroke my hair,
Kiss my neck,
Smile back at me
Or maybe about
How You light
The fuse--
Firework finale
But since it is late,
I will close my eyes,
Exhausted and sore
In the very best of ways,
And dream sweet dreams

Monday, February 8, 2010


A handmade card left on Master's pillow with a silly rhyme. Implements laid out on the bed for His use. And a lesson learned.

"'On the Monday before Valentine's Day, my Master gave to me/a bright pink bottom that looked so pretty,'" He read. "You don't have a pink bottom," Master looked bemused.

His little slave girl smiled, pulling back the duvet to display the arrangement of toys laid across the bed, "Not yet," she blushed. Alongside the usual toys were two apple tree switches that had been tried once before and not really liked. His girl thought this might be a good opportunity should Master choose them. She had briefly debated about running downstairs to get a wooden spoon or the small wooden cutting board to include. Or one of Master's belts. However, the selection seemed good enough. Master would add whatever He wanted if He wanted more.

A short while later, the bottom was pink from one of her favorites -- the paddle -- and Master was slamming hard into His slave, using her well. She felt herself slipping into that familiar head space, where each whack of the paddle, each forceful thrust sent waves of intense pleasure cascading throughout her body. Thrust. Whack. Thrust. Slap of hand. Thrust. Thwack of flogger on shoulders. Deeper thrust. Slap of crop across the breasts. Bottom hot. Pussy dripping. Cock filling, reaching in further. Erect nipples grazing the bed as they swung hard from the movement.

"Crack!" a stinging explosion of pain burst across her left thigh as Master snapped the slender switch from the apple tree. She could not help but whimper. "Snap!" a much lighter touch still brought fireworks of pain across her buttocks. Even lighter flicks were laid across her back. She remained still, bracing against the no longer pleasurable stabs of engorged cock into cunt. The apple switch was cast aside, a few thumps with was it the paddle? the flogger? the crop? she did not know. Each touch, however light, was almost unbearable. Each movement in or out caused pain. Feelings of embarrassment and shame flooded her. Feelings she could not process rationally. Images of schoolchildren from decades ago, suffering the pain and humiliation of a switching, paraded across her mind. She had never experienced this, never felt nor seen a switching; why did she feel the sting of punishment? She was not being punished, not being humiliated. One corner of her mind whispered this is Master, you are safe. This was an intimate moment with her Master, the One who protects and cares for her. Yet the fearful little girl inside would not listen. His little slave girl remained in position, her hair hiding the streaming tears. The evil branch came across her front, and she attempted to scoot out of its way.

"Get up here," said the stern voice of Master. She felt herself being pulled upright, arms pinned behind, the switch coming toward her breasts. A loud whimper of terror escaped her lips, the switch was dropped, she was released, and Master was gently astride her prone body. The only wetness remaining was on her cheeks and upper lip, as tears and mucus flowed. Master tossed the switches onto the floor and kissed His slave. Still the tears fell. Rolling off, Master pulled her close and held her, tenderly stroking her hair, wiping her tears, calming her with his gentle voice. "Only one more use of the apple branches," He whispered. She looked up at Him, both fearful and trusting at the same time. "May i please blow my nose first, Master?" Master nodded, allowing her to gather her composure.

"Pick up the branches," Master commanded. "Give them to Me, and sit on the edge of the bed."

Master knelt at eye level to His girl. "Open your hands," He instructed, laying the instruments of such incredible pain across her palms. "What do you want to do with them?"

She paused, thinking, loathe to even have them touch her hands. "Put them in the woodpile," she replied softly. "First...first break them."

"Then break them," Master said. "You take them and break them. No more apple switches. Ever."

His girl slowly bent them, folding them back and forth until they cracked and the green inside poked through. Then she handed them to her Master.

"Come, lie back down with Me." As she lay nestled and safe, Master did not press her for an explanation, and she could not find any within herself. Stroking His cock, she looked over at the unused cane. She picked it up and handed it to Master. He smiled. Caressing her, He began to lightly tap her feet, calves, and thighs, delighting in her moans of pleasure. "Would My girl like some of this?" He showed His hardened cock. Her smile was her answer, and He slid inside easily.

"I can tell what My girl likes: this is what she likes. This is the wet pussy that is ready for Me," He whispered.

Friday, February 5, 2010


my instep resting in Your arch
calf against calf
thigh pressed against thigh
buttocks pushed into Your groin
small of back to stomach
shoulder blade brushing chest
Your arm drapes across me
holding my breast.
drifting into slumber,
Your hand grasps my throat,
and i nestle into You
and sleep.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Master's slave is filled with contentment. The past couple of days have been rough, physically, and then emotionally. Feeling sick is not something i do well. I like to be up and going; however, i needed to rest and sleep. My body seemed to be against me, and that made me frustrated and upset.

Today was better. Master used His slave's mouth and throat, and i was so happy to have a mouthful of His cum this morning. This afternoon, He promised me the spanking that has been on hold for about a week. While He was downstairs, i quickly put on a little outfit He likes and waited. I had improvised a surprise by attaching my leash to the eye-hook above the bed and threading my hands through the ribbon tie on my skirt. As i knelt on the bed for His return, my anticipation and curiosity grew. Which of the implements laid out on the bed would be applied to my panty-clad bottom? Would He like His little surprise? One glance at His face, and i knew He approved. I didn't have to wait long, for He gave me a beautiful pink ass using the leather and sheepskin paddle. Then He surprised me. Several months ago, He bought a little toy for me a "blackberry" butt plug (Ass Berries Blackberry is the name). It has been sitting in the toy box, forgotten by me. But not by Master. He gently inserted it as i lay relaxed, bottom hot from the paddle. I had completely forgotten it had a vibrator inside. The buzzing gave me a start. Kneeling in front of Him, His slave was allowed to suck and stroke His cock. The vibrations from the blackberry were so intense, i could not help but ask to cum. As He again filled my throat with His cock, He allowed me to cum with Him. The sensation of His cock pulsating in the throat He owns, His hands touching His slave's body, and the blackberry buzzing in the ass that belongs to Him were overwhelming -- my entire being quivered.

As i lay on the bed while He gently (and not so gently) laid the flogger against my tender bottom and tapped the cane across my calves, thighs and buttocks (and gave me a few tingly welts), such feelings of appreciation for a Master who knows His slave so well washed over me.

The pinkness and the light welts have vanished, Master's holes are empty, but His girl is still filled with contentment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last Friday, Master clipped the leash onto my collar and led me out the door to run errands with Him. As He shut the door, i quickly captured the moment -- His hand firmly grasping the leash only inches from my neck. When i looked at it later, the image brought a smile to my face. His firmness, His complete ownership of His slave, and the caring but forceful reminder of His slave's place. His girl looking at her Master, submitting to His will, gazing up at Him, hand supine. To me, all of this was implied in the arrangement of pixels.

This was a point in time i wished to document: a picture to accompany the phrase, "Master took me to run errands with Him last Friday. He kept me on a short leash." However, Master did not approve of my attempt at "artistically" enhancing the picture. I was eager to show Him my efforts, and He was typically honest in His assessment. Typically correct.
Still, i felt disappointment. Disappointment in my lack of skill, in my inability to transfer my mental image to the digital outcome. Master suggested recreating the scene, posing to make it look closer to what i had in mind. However, to recreate it seems to lose the spontaneity, to falsify the experience. For a few minutes i pondered giving up my efforts to post pictures, to use new software, to learn. Those thoughts and emotions passed, and i realized that i am learning to push through my self-imposed expectations of perfection. Master takes me further than i think i can go. It isn't just during sex or a scene or in the assignments/chores He gives me. It is comprehensive. He pushes and prods me to become more than i have been afraid i could be.

And so, this image will remain untouched for personal viewing as a reminder of the lovely afternoon spent in Master's company -- Master and collared, rope-bound slave unnoticed in public.

Monday, January 25, 2010


If i am desirous of Master's using His slave, if i am lusting after His cock, if i am asking to be bound, am i submissive? This is a concept i wrestle with from time to time. However, Master asks me to tell Him my thoughts and desires. They are a catalyst for his devious plans at times.

Weeks and weeks ago, i mentioned something about being suspended. The comment was forgotten. On my part at least. Master, however, had been construing a plan: To hang His slave from the ceiling by her feet.

What transpired was far more intense than my idea.

Although i was desirous of pleasing Master, my tolerance was low. By the time i was ready to be "strung up," i was ready to be finished. One of the rules is to be completely honest with Master. If i am experiencing discomfort or pain, i am to tell Him. This is a difficult rule for me because i desire so much to be His good girl. Master could tell my discomfort, and He released me sooner than i had earlier anticipated. How terribly disappointed was i with myself. Later, though, Master told me that i "lasted" longer than he expected, and He was pleased with how well i tried. I felt even more desirous to do better, to push myself harder, and as He used His slave's holes, i was consumed for desire for Him.

A more lengthy session will ensue someday i have no doubt, for i have seen Master devising a more comfortable means to torture His slave.

His girl quivers in desire.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Master and i share many intimate moments throughout the day. While some of them occur during sex or play, some happen as part of daily routines. When He opens the door and first looks into His girl's eyes after a long day at work, the tenderness and approval fill His slave's heart. (Master doesn't know this, but i wait, peering out the window, like a puppy dog, watching until his vehicle drives in front of the house. Then i quickly kneel to wait until He opens the door.) Those minutes of waiting for Him, longing for His return, build until i can scarcely contain myself for desiring His touch. Lately, Master's career has Him working into the wee hours of the morning, and as I kneel shivering in the January cold, the bare floor shocking the body that was a few minutes ago warm in bed, i know that an irreplaceable, ever-new moment will be shared. Seeing the proud look on His face, His smile spreading wide, and feeling His touch on my head or cheek, is an intimate time. Removing Master's shoes, laundering His clothes, preparing His meals, warming the bathroom before His shower, all these are intimate exchanges.

When Master allows me to worship His cock (and this is how i personally think of it, worshipping His cock), He allows me to breathe in of His scent, explore His cock, feel His skin against me. I feel connected with Him by serving Him, pleasuring Him, giving to Him. When He uses His slave, i am swallowed up in Him as He pushes Himself into the holes He owns. During such times, i no longer exist. I am completely His to do with what He pleases and how He pleases. Gasping for air, tears streaming down my cheeks, my nose running, and saliva pooling because He is using His mouth hole, takes the "me" out of everything. It is truly His mouth to use. He pleases Himself however He wishes. Master usually wishes His slave to orgasm over and over, commanding Her as He fucks the pussy or ass He owns. When Master taps the cane across my feet, calves, and buttocks, bringing me to orgasmic delight, i feel another kind of intimacy.

Often when i go out with or without Master, He fashions a rope bra (sometimes rope panties) for me. Running errands while feeling my flesh constrained by the rope connects me to Him and sends little shivers throughout my body.

Perhaps one of the most intimate times for me is when Master cares for His property. One of the rules is for me to remain bare. I used to get a professional Brazilian wax; however, the grow out time bothered me. A few months ago, Master agreed i could shave instead -- until a better method could be found. Part of our routine is for Him to closely shave the entire pubic/ass region. As i lay on the bed, legs spread high and open for Him, this has become one of the most intimate experiences i've ever had. I am completely under His control -- especially when my cuffs are clipped to the spreader bar attached to the ceiling above the bed. This is a most sensitive area coming in contact with blades. When Master spreads my lips apart, when He spreads my cheeks apart, as He runs His hands along me, and i feel the vibration of the electric shaver, i tremble. I feel completely His.

He is taking care of His property, just as He cares for His tools, toys, and vehicles. Master is focused on the task at hand, the task of keeping His property the way He likes it. And as He is doing so, He is intimately acquainted with every freckle or mark or scar, with changes in color, scent and cycle. It both arouses and embarrasses me when He can feel the blood engorging my pussy lips. Embarrassment gives way, though. Ultimately, this small routine makes me feel completely cared for, totally intimate with Him. This small act makes me feel more His than almost anything else.

I am completely owned, and in being owned by Master, i am complete.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The simple routine of keeping Master's bathroom clean reminds His girl of her place. She is of service in many ways to her Master. Maid. Fuck-toy. Table. Maybe someday He will choose to make her one of the housecleaning tools. Like a toilet bowl brush.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Consequence - noun
2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.
4. importance or significance.
5. importance in rank or position.
(Definitions taken from iPhone app.)

By nature, i am an obedient girl. Master often tells me so, and while i enjoy a good paddling or caning or bare-handed spanking, these are not often used as punishment. No, these are more of "rewards" for His good girl. The sensation, as others also have experienced, of a spanking/paddling/caning as punishment is far different from play. Master has a gentle touch with His girl -- even while playing hard and being begged to "beat His girl, use His slave," He is always careful to take care of His property physically and emotionally. He uses praise and encouragement and never threatens. He follows through. His girl knows the rules and the consequences.

"Stop," Master orders. But His girl continues, thinking for a split second that she knows best. "Stop," He repeats with a hard firmness in His voice. His girl stops immediately. "Bend over." She spreads her legs, grasps the wire rack and prepares for her consequence. Master takes the wooden molding they were choosing and gives a couple of hard swats to His girl. She feels her face burn and her bottom hurt, even though the swats were administered through her jeans. Her bottom and pride are smarting because she didn't obey the first time. And because Master delivered this consequence in the middle of Home Depot. "Let's go over to the paint," Master directs.

His girl finds a moment to text him in the check out line: "Today i found out what happens when i don't listen the first time. Ouch."

A little while later, Master whispers, "It couldn't have hurt through your jeans."

"No," she shakes her head, pointing to her heart.

That is where it hurt.

A few days later, while grocery shopping, Master texted His girl, "Come here." His girl set down whatever she was looking at and found Master. "Good girl," He smiled. "When we get home, I am going to fuck My girl hard. I am going to tie up your boobs, bind your arms and flog you, leaving beautiful lines on My girl. And then I am going to fuck that sweet mouth I own."

His girl is a very lucky girl indeed.