Bound with Rope & Love

a slave's view on her life with Master

Monday, January 25, 2010


If i am desirous of Master's using His slave, if i am lusting after His cock, if i am asking to be bound, am i submissive? This is a concept i wrestle with from time to time. However, Master asks me to tell Him my thoughts and desires. They are a catalyst for his devious plans at times.

Weeks and weeks ago, i mentioned something about being suspended. The comment was forgotten. On my part at least. Master, however, had been construing a plan: To hang His slave from the ceiling by her feet.

What transpired was far more intense than my idea.

Although i was desirous of pleasing Master, my tolerance was low. By the time i was ready to be "strung up," i was ready to be finished. One of the rules is to be completely honest with Master. If i am experiencing discomfort or pain, i am to tell Him. This is a difficult rule for me because i desire so much to be His good girl. Master could tell my discomfort, and He released me sooner than i had earlier anticipated. How terribly disappointed was i with myself. Later, though, Master told me that i "lasted" longer than he expected, and He was pleased with how well i tried. I felt even more desirous to do better, to push myself harder, and as He used His slave's holes, i was consumed for desire for Him.

A more lengthy session will ensue someday i have no doubt, for i have seen Master devising a more comfortable means to torture His slave.

His girl quivers in desire.

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