Bound with Rope & Love

a slave's view on her life with Master

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last Friday, Master clipped the leash onto my collar and led me out the door to run errands with Him. As He shut the door, i quickly captured the moment -- His hand firmly grasping the leash only inches from my neck. When i looked at it later, the image brought a smile to my face. His firmness, His complete ownership of His slave, and the caring but forceful reminder of His slave's place. His girl looking at her Master, submitting to His will, gazing up at Him, hand supine. To me, all of this was implied in the arrangement of pixels.

This was a point in time i wished to document: a picture to accompany the phrase, "Master took me to run errands with Him last Friday. He kept me on a short leash." However, Master did not approve of my attempt at "artistically" enhancing the picture. I was eager to show Him my efforts, and He was typically honest in His assessment. Typically correct.
Still, i felt disappointment. Disappointment in my lack of skill, in my inability to transfer my mental image to the digital outcome. Master suggested recreating the scene, posing to make it look closer to what i had in mind. However, to recreate it seems to lose the spontaneity, to falsify the experience. For a few minutes i pondered giving up my efforts to post pictures, to use new software, to learn. Those thoughts and emotions passed, and i realized that i am learning to push through my self-imposed expectations of perfection. Master takes me further than i think i can go. It isn't just during sex or a scene or in the assignments/chores He gives me. It is comprehensive. He pushes and prods me to become more than i have been afraid i could be.

And so, this image will remain untouched for personal viewing as a reminder of the lovely afternoon spent in Master's company -- Master and collared, rope-bound slave unnoticed in public.

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