Bound with Rope & Love

a slave's view on her life with Master

About His marie

His marie is a real-life, owned slave who lives with her Master. We met under ordinary circumstances, became friends, and then some. He is a dedicated professional; she is an over-educated second career woman. We are the average kind of couple you might see shopping at Home Depot or Costco, walking along the beach, or hosting family gatherings. A closer look and you might see a "traditional 1950s-style" relationship, where her opinions and thoughts are respected and welcome, but he is the head of the household and final decision-maker. Looking even more closely, with an understanding of the BDSM world, you might see that she is wearing a collar and that He looks after and protects His property -- who is aware of her status at all times. (Look carefully: Those mundane items in the shopping cart might be for kinky purposes!)

This blog is a pictorial journal of His marie's life with her Master. While there are many facets to Master's and His marie's life, this is a space to explore, reflect, and have fun.

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