Bound with Rope & Love

a slave's view on her life with Master

Monday, January 25, 2010


If i am desirous of Master's using His slave, if i am lusting after His cock, if i am asking to be bound, am i submissive? This is a concept i wrestle with from time to time. However, Master asks me to tell Him my thoughts and desires. They are a catalyst for his devious plans at times.

Weeks and weeks ago, i mentioned something about being suspended. The comment was forgotten. On my part at least. Master, however, had been construing a plan: To hang His slave from the ceiling by her feet.

What transpired was far more intense than my idea.

Although i was desirous of pleasing Master, my tolerance was low. By the time i was ready to be "strung up," i was ready to be finished. One of the rules is to be completely honest with Master. If i am experiencing discomfort or pain, i am to tell Him. This is a difficult rule for me because i desire so much to be His good girl. Master could tell my discomfort, and He released me sooner than i had earlier anticipated. How terribly disappointed was i with myself. Later, though, Master told me that i "lasted" longer than he expected, and He was pleased with how well i tried. I felt even more desirous to do better, to push myself harder, and as He used His slave's holes, i was consumed for desire for Him.

A more lengthy session will ensue someday i have no doubt, for i have seen Master devising a more comfortable means to torture His slave.

His girl quivers in desire.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Master and i share many intimate moments throughout the day. While some of them occur during sex or play, some happen as part of daily routines. When He opens the door and first looks into His girl's eyes after a long day at work, the tenderness and approval fill His slave's heart. (Master doesn't know this, but i wait, peering out the window, like a puppy dog, watching until his vehicle drives in front of the house. Then i quickly kneel to wait until He opens the door.) Those minutes of waiting for Him, longing for His return, build until i can scarcely contain myself for desiring His touch. Lately, Master's career has Him working into the wee hours of the morning, and as I kneel shivering in the January cold, the bare floor shocking the body that was a few minutes ago warm in bed, i know that an irreplaceable, ever-new moment will be shared. Seeing the proud look on His face, His smile spreading wide, and feeling His touch on my head or cheek, is an intimate time. Removing Master's shoes, laundering His clothes, preparing His meals, warming the bathroom before His shower, all these are intimate exchanges.

When Master allows me to worship His cock (and this is how i personally think of it, worshipping His cock), He allows me to breathe in of His scent, explore His cock, feel His skin against me. I feel connected with Him by serving Him, pleasuring Him, giving to Him. When He uses His slave, i am swallowed up in Him as He pushes Himself into the holes He owns. During such times, i no longer exist. I am completely His to do with what He pleases and how He pleases. Gasping for air, tears streaming down my cheeks, my nose running, and saliva pooling because He is using His mouth hole, takes the "me" out of everything. It is truly His mouth to use. He pleases Himself however He wishes. Master usually wishes His slave to orgasm over and over, commanding Her as He fucks the pussy or ass He owns. When Master taps the cane across my feet, calves, and buttocks, bringing me to orgasmic delight, i feel another kind of intimacy.

Often when i go out with or without Master, He fashions a rope bra (sometimes rope panties) for me. Running errands while feeling my flesh constrained by the rope connects me to Him and sends little shivers throughout my body.

Perhaps one of the most intimate times for me is when Master cares for His property. One of the rules is for me to remain bare. I used to get a professional Brazilian wax; however, the grow out time bothered me. A few months ago, Master agreed i could shave instead -- until a better method could be found. Part of our routine is for Him to closely shave the entire pubic/ass region. As i lay on the bed, legs spread high and open for Him, this has become one of the most intimate experiences i've ever had. I am completely under His control -- especially when my cuffs are clipped to the spreader bar attached to the ceiling above the bed. This is a most sensitive area coming in contact with blades. When Master spreads my lips apart, when He spreads my cheeks apart, as He runs His hands along me, and i feel the vibration of the electric shaver, i tremble. I feel completely His.

He is taking care of His property, just as He cares for His tools, toys, and vehicles. Master is focused on the task at hand, the task of keeping His property the way He likes it. And as He is doing so, He is intimately acquainted with every freckle or mark or scar, with changes in color, scent and cycle. It both arouses and embarrasses me when He can feel the blood engorging my pussy lips. Embarrassment gives way, though. Ultimately, this small routine makes me feel completely cared for, totally intimate with Him. This small act makes me feel more His than almost anything else.

I am completely owned, and in being owned by Master, i am complete.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The simple routine of keeping Master's bathroom clean reminds His girl of her place. She is of service in many ways to her Master. Maid. Fuck-toy. Table. Maybe someday He will choose to make her one of the housecleaning tools. Like a toilet bowl brush.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Consequence - noun
2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.
4. importance or significance.
5. importance in rank or position.
(Definitions taken from iPhone app.)

By nature, i am an obedient girl. Master often tells me so, and while i enjoy a good paddling or caning or bare-handed spanking, these are not often used as punishment. No, these are more of "rewards" for His good girl. The sensation, as others also have experienced, of a spanking/paddling/caning as punishment is far different from play. Master has a gentle touch with His girl -- even while playing hard and being begged to "beat His girl, use His slave," He is always careful to take care of His property physically and emotionally. He uses praise and encouragement and never threatens. He follows through. His girl knows the rules and the consequences.

"Stop," Master orders. But His girl continues, thinking for a split second that she knows best. "Stop," He repeats with a hard firmness in His voice. His girl stops immediately. "Bend over." She spreads her legs, grasps the wire rack and prepares for her consequence. Master takes the wooden molding they were choosing and gives a couple of hard swats to His girl. She feels her face burn and her bottom hurt, even though the swats were administered through her jeans. Her bottom and pride are smarting because she didn't obey the first time. And because Master delivered this consequence in the middle of Home Depot. "Let's go over to the paint," Master directs.

His girl finds a moment to text him in the check out line: "Today i found out what happens when i don't listen the first time. Ouch."

A little while later, Master whispers, "It couldn't have hurt through your jeans."

"No," she shakes her head, pointing to her heart.

That is where it hurt.

A few days later, while grocery shopping, Master texted His girl, "Come here." His girl set down whatever she was looking at and found Master. "Good girl," He smiled. "When we get home, I am going to fuck My girl hard. I am going to tie up your boobs, bind your arms and flog you, leaving beautiful lines on My girl. And then I am going to fuck that sweet mouth I own."

His girl is a very lucky girl indeed.