Bound with Rope & Love

a slave's view on her life with Master

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Words.  Powerful.  Permanent.  Once spoken, they linger. Once written, they survive past our lifetime.  The words used between two lovers, between partners, between superior/subservient, can bring joy or leave marks deeper than any physical gash.
One of the differences being in a Dominant/submissive (Master/slave) relationship rather than another type of couples relationship is how i use my words.

The word "no" or any of its cousins does not exist in my vocabulary with Master.  They were eliminated the day He put the collar around my neck, the day He claimed me as His property.  In reality, there is no need for me to use the word "no."  Sometimes, i may want to linger instead of getting up to perform a task or chore, and sometimes, according to Master, i get the look of "Do i really have to do this?"  I don't even consider needing this word; He will never have me do anything that would cause me to truly say, "No."  If we are in a scene and i am physically or emotionally beyond my limit, i have a "safe word" to use.  However, like many of the slaves/subs with whom i am familiar, this word has been used only on the rarest occasion.  Prior to Master, i would say, "no" just because i didn't want do to something or was in a contrary mood.  I did not always strive to speak respectfully, and i put myself first selfishly.  (Sometimes, it is important for me to put myself first to take care of myself because i'm caring for Master's property.)

With Master, the phrases and sentences i use in daily life are peppered with "please" and "thank you" and "may i."  I have caught myself rephrasing a text i am sending to Master -- instead of "Will You..." i have changed it to "It would please Your slave..."  Instead of telling Him what i want, i might say, "Would it please You if Your slave ...?"  By using these words, i have found myself changing the way that i think.  Placing Master as the Subject in a sentence and referring to myself in a passive voice, emphasizes our D/s relationship.  Even without my collar, without the flogger, the rope, the whip or nipple clamps, He is the Dominant and i am His submissive.

In turn, Master is careful with the words He chooses.  Being my Owner and being a Dominant does not preclude Him from polite speech.  Not everything is a direct command; He, too, uses "thank you" and "would you" with me.  By addressing me with the respect due to His property, He fosters a desire for me to do better.  By a gentle reprimand in a quiet voice, i strive to remember and correct myself.

I have enough life experiences to understand the effect words can have on a relationship.  Continually using words of respect and gratitude cultivates a mind and heart that respects and is grateful for a strong, loving and kind Master.  It becomes a beautiful cycle that increases my love and deepens my submission.

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