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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Master!

Master's birthday was last month, and i wasn't sure what to give Him.  He pretty much has everything He needs and He isn't a "I want that" kind of man. There are several toys, though, that i know He'd like to add to our adult toy box.  Being a thrifty slave, i didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices in specialty shops or online.  We have many toys, i have a fair amount of lingerie, but there are some missing items.  We have also talked about some role playing scenes.  In the past, we have had great fun with the classic "intruder," "school girl," etc., role plays.  After research and much thought, i came up with "Fantasy Island." Six role play themes packaged separately.  After checking the toy box and my lingerie drawers, i wrote down the needed items, looked online for who had the best prices/coupons, and then made my shopping list: fabric/craft store, two mall stores (the "novelty," "goth," etc. stores),  two adult stores (20% off coupon!), and the dollar store.

I stuck to my list and refrained from getting a few items i would really, really liked to have had (like an incredibly gorgeous corset, on sale, too!).

Once home with supplies and armed with hot glue gun, tape measure and scissors, i went to work.  Probably the best part was my sorting through the toy box while Master was reading in bed.  He was completely oblivious to my actions.  Yes, the toy box was messy, and He knew i was going to straighten it out, and i did -- but as i was pulling out items (the chain leash, rope, etc.) to be included in the fantasy box.  He even looked over at me and talked to me without noticing.

Master enjoyed opening His gift -- a huge box with smaller boxes and gift bags inside.  He enjoyed the bunny outfit and the captive woman in the closet.  We have other adventures to look forward to throughout the coming months.

Bunny Costume: bunny ears;  marabou boa; bunny cottontail made from white faux fur with marabou hot glued on to make it fuzzy and self-adhesive looped side velcro adhered to the back and able to attach to a butt plug with the fuzzy part of the velcro adhered to the end (supplies from fabric/craft store, not shown -- white lace choker); white knee-high tights and white lace fingerless gloves (from Hot Topic).

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